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The person Michael Striem


My personal life

Since my childhood the family is an important unit. My parents and grand mothers showed us the way to see the full part of the cup.

My journey wasn't easy.  Creativity and imagination helped me thrive. My dedication to work and motivation to enjoy what I am doing led me to exceptional projects and experiences.

Take a moment to explore my portfolio below, which includes a combination of collaborations and side projects. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to learn more.

More about Michael

With Professor Bruce Reisch


Bruce and I (with our families) became best friends. The Reisch Family spent a Sabbatical here in Israel, and few years later the Striem family spent a Postdoctoral stay in Geneva, NY.

Collaboration bears fruit.JPG
At Sun World lab

At Sun World's R&D center we had many visitors interested in the renowned 'embryo rescue' procedure.

Serving as the company's grape breeder, in the picture I describe the process of extracting small embryos from seed traces, to germinate and grow into seedlings.

At Sun World's tissue-culture lab


My job was to select among thousands of seedlings the candidates for new seedless table grape varieties.

As Sun World's grape breeder

Sun World International has representatives around the globe


With Johan Jooste from South Africa, at an outstanding new table grape selection

At the original seedling of Sugrathirtyfive


It is a great pleasure to present to you the original seedling vine, becoming Sutrathirtyfive, and marketed under the trademark of   AUTUMNCRISP®.

At the Sugrathirtyfive test block


This new seedless table grape selection which I crossed and selected became a great success world wide.

Grape breeding table grapes


At Sun World's Sugrathirtyfive test block we showed the productivity and quality of this exciting grape variety.

Agriculture, environment teaching


As a certified science teacher I had a lot of fun to work with the kids in the school's vegetable garden. Here I demonstrated to the students how to make a simple rain-gauge

Grape breeding lecture


Presenting to College students a bottle of Argaman, a wine grape variety developed in Israel.


Becoming CEO 

When retired from been an employee

Who knows me best than myself?

Whom do I trust most than myself?

That's when I decided to invest the rest of my life in myself.

As always, it was a collective decision of the Striem family .

We established our company:

Striem + Genetica = Strieminetica.

So now I happily work for myself :)

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