Hans Ludwig Striem

My father - from whom I learned


Leader  and  Commander 


Military career - Civil Service

Young IDF Officer

"The best is the enemy of the good"

Honored Cadet

With PM David Ben Gurion

Experienced Officer

Renowned complete reliability

Academic career and interests

  • Graduated from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (1946-7 on Mount Scopus) majoring in Physics Geology and Mathematics (1954-M.Sc. and 1973-Ph.D.).

  • Earth sciences (falts and earthquakes)

  • Meteorology (weather mainly precipitation)

Personal life and hobbies


  • Since young age of 16 years old at 1936: drawings of early Tel Aviv.

  • Civil Engineering technical drawing

  • Scientific graphs, plots and diagrams

  • Maps from photographs


  • over 600 books in EnglishGerman, Hebrew and French

  • Rocks, stones and fossils

  • Stamps

  • Modern coins and very old (Roman) coins and artifacts

  • Seashells

  • Prehistoric tools

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