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  • I started my relationship with trees at the agricultural High  School  Ha'Kfar Hayarok. I majored in Horticulture and second-major in Food-Technology. I made roots to farming trees and crops, as well as  developed  good team-work attics.

  • At Kibutz Afiq on the Golan Heights I managed the  deciduous and avocado  orchards, and helped with the  establishment of the Yarden Winery as a regional consultant. I served my country and community and was rewarded  with an abundance of friends.

  • At the Agricultural Research Organization (ARO) of the Ministry of Agriculture, I became a scientist and a breeder, involved in breeding self compatible and self fertile almond varieties, early ripening apricots, wine grapes for  Mediterranean climate (Argaman for example), and seedless table grapes.

  • My work on understanding seedlessness in table grapes, from the biological aspect, and the search form molecular markers linked to this trait became the thesis for my  Ph.D. research.

  • At Cornell University, Geneva, New York, I had the opportunity to widen the horizon of breeding grapes using  modern techniques of molecular genetics.

  • At Sun World International LLC I had the honor of expanding in scale and geographically; testing advanced selections globally, Breeding table grapes.

  • Registering a Plant Patent is a significant step to commercialize a new selection.

  • It was a pleasure serving and supporting the industry in many ways (CGC member).

  • Working and collaborating with my good friend, Prof. Bruce Reisch from Cornell University, is a great pleasure.

  • Now I make my diverse experience available to others  by consulting.

  • I designed tools which could help you enhance your breeding program: A database with  pedigree information;  with tools to build pedigree trees; and a tool to compile tables to view genetic diversity, comparing varieties and breeding lines.  

  • Please contact me for details.

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