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Eva Striem

Oma  Ima`li

  • Born in Berlin, 31 December 1926

  • Died in Ganei Yochanan, 6 May 2018

  • Life Motto: Look how lucky we are that I can help you.

  • Survived the war in Berlin with mother and younger brother.

  • Helped guide children at Bergen-Belsen.

  • Immigrated to Tel Aviv in 1948.

  • Served the IDF as a nurse at Tel-Ha`Shomer Hospital

  • Married happily to Hans (Lutz) Ludwig Striem on April 1, 1952 at a strict military wedding ceremony led by two IDF Rabbis


Life and hobbies

Wanted to have children, loved to make their home full of warmth and happiness


  • Roasted meat loaf (Sahnesoße) 


  • Friends

  • Buttons for cloths

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