AUTUMNCRISP® brand table grapes cv. Sugrathirtyfive grapevines are the exclusive personal property and trade secrets of Sun World
International, LLC in all countries. US and foreign plant patent/plant variety rights are granted or pending, including US Plant Patent PP 20491.  
AUTUMNCRISP® is a registered trademark of Sun World  International, LLC in the USA and various other countries.
    A new late white
    seedless table grape
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Last updated: 1 August, 2013
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It does not happen everyday that a breeder finds a
great new selection, but this one I will remember.
Back in 2004, when serving as
Sun World's grape
breeder, I made this cross, and on August 25, 2006,
I have identified this selection.
At first sight I knew that these grapes are special.
When I brought clusters into the lab everybody
agreed that this new selection does have a lot of
potential. This new selection fits very well to be
harvested after Thompson Seedless as a late green
seedless grape.
This new selection became US PP20,491 P2 on November 17, 2009.
I am very glad that Sun World has continued the development of this selection
and has decieded to brand it as:
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